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Unlimited open jobs

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Unlimited user accounts

Unlimited data storage


Essential tools for posting jobs and screening resumes.


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Powerful tools to optimize both how and who you hire.

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1. Get Candidates

Branded, Mobile-friendly Job Board

Customizable Job Applications

Post Jobs to Free & Premium Job Boards

Post Jobs to Social Networks

New Candidate Alerts

Mobile-friendly Resume Screening

Resume Uploader & Parser

Searchable Candidate Database

Employee Referral Management


Batch Email Candidates


LinkedIn Recruiter Integration


2. Get Organized

Job-specific Recruiting Teams

Custom Job Workflow Stages

Email Message Templates

Contacts Manager


Job Requisition Approval Chains


Auto-send Follow-up & Rejection Emails


Tasks Management & Auto-assigned Tasks


Roles & Privileges Management


3. Get Hiring

Background Checks

Role Model™ Ideal Candidate Profiler


Role Match™ Candidate Scorecard


Recruiting Calendar


Gmail & Outlook Calendar Sync


Interview Guides


Candidate Evaluation Templates


Skills & Coding Test Integrations


Video Interview Integrations


Offer Letter Generator


Import Candidates to HRIS


4. Get Better

Job Analytics

Candidate Reports


Job Reports


Compliance Reports


Custom Reports Builder


CROWD™ Big-data Benchmarking Tool


Security, Services & Support

EEOC/OFCCP Compliant Software

EU Safe Harbor Compliant Software

256-bit SSL Encrypted Access

Robust Two-Way API for Developers

Community Knowledgebase

Single Sign On


Password Expiration


Onboarding Assistance


Customer Support

Email + Chat

Email + Chat + Phone

Choose the Jazz plan that’s
right for your company.

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Pricing & ROI

Jazz pays for itself when it prevents your company from making just one bad hire.

Does Jazz charge per user, or does it
allow unlimited users?

You can have unlimited users in your Jazz account. Jazz never charges for users because we believe that when you get more feedback from your colleagues, you become better at recruiting Performers.

Does Jazz require contracts or other
long-term commitments?

Jazz POST does not require a contract, although if your company can commit to an annual agreement, you’ll benefit from additional savings. We always require a minimum time commitment for Jazz PRO to ensure you are fully onboarded and using the system.


How can I calculate a return on the
investment in Jazz?

Easily. If you believe that Jazz will probably prevent you from making at least one bad hire, then Jazz pays for itself. Or (for most customers) if you believe Jazz can save your company $30 per day on time/money spent on recruiting activities, then Jazz pays for itself.

How do I convince my CFO that Jazz
is a good investment?

First ask your CFO to share what he/she thinks the cost is to replace a bad hire. Next add up the total annual cost of Jazz. If Jazz costs less than the cost of a bad hire, your CFO should be convinced.

What does Jazz offer that other
recruiting solutions do not?

Jazz is the only recruiting solution that marries recruiting with performance. While others can promise to help you improve your recruiting process, Jazz is the only solution that can help you improve employee performance while using that data to optimize future hiring.

Does Jazz integrate with other HR tools
and services?

Jazz features numerous integrations with other HR tools and services, from sourcing to hiring. Plus, the Jazz API makes it easy for your developers to access your data and integrate with any of your systems.


Onboarding, Training, & Support

We’re here to help your company be successful recruiting with Jazz. Let’s talk!

Can I import data from my current ATS?

Depending on your needs, we will be able to import your information from any previous ATS provider. We can import from Jobvite, Taleo, ICIMS, Jobscore and Greenhouse. We can even import from a SQL database backup or Excel spreadsheet. We will work diligently to import all of your data into Jazz and ensure a smooth and seamless transition for you and your team.

What if we need additional support beyond
our onboarding training?

Jazz is committed to making sure you’re successful, so we conduct regular webinars on best practices and can also arrange special training sessions for your new hires. Contact us to learn more about the different training options.

What options do I have for customer support?

All Jazz customers include email and chat support, as well as our customer communities. Jazz Pro also includes customized on-boarding support.


Security, Reliability & Technology

Since 2009, Jazz has delivered a highly-secure, highly-scalable software platform. Your data is safe.

Is Jazz a stable, growing company
that I can trust with my data?

Don’t worry, Jazz has been in business for seven years — longer than most modern recruiting solutions. We’re a well-funded, 80-person company with many years of experience dealing with the sensitive issues around recruiting that you trust us with every day.

How does Jazz protect our sensitive

Your connection to Jazz is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. We perform full hourly backups of customer data. Jazz is part of the AWS cloud infrastructure, which has been designed and managed in alignment with regulations, standards and best-practices including SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS70), SOC 2, SOC 3 and PCI DSS Level 1.

How easily can I export my data if I happen
to need a copy of it?

A data export can be provided upon request. Please contact our Customer Success team to discuss the options available.

How often do you update your product?
What are your release cycles?

In the past year Jazz released dozens of major features and hundreds of enhancements to give customers additional capabilities and to keep their user experience the best in the industry. In addition, Jazz constantly makes behind-the-scenes updates to keep things running smoothly.

Do you have an API? How can our
developers and partners leverage our data?

Of course we do. The Jazz API provides your technical team access to your Jazz data to support your needs. Additionally, Jazz works with job board partners to ensure maximum traffic to jobs. Email for more information.

Is Jazz EU Safe Harbor Compliant?