Make hiring what your company does best.

Everything you need to optimize both HOW and WHO your company hires.


Jazz gets you candidates.


Branded Job Board

Show the world why your company is a great place to work.

Entice candidates to apply through a job board that looks great on any device.


Mobile-friendly Job Board

Every day, more and more people are applying for jobs while on the go. Jazz gives you a ready-made job board that makes applying for jobs easy on any device, from anywhere.

Embeddable Jobs Widgets

Displaying jobs on your company website is easy with Jazz. Just paste one line of code into any page and your open jobs will be listed on your website and update automatically.

Custom Careers Website

If you can write a little HTML and CSS, you can a build a custom design from scratch right inside our platform. You can even use our jobs API for a seamless integration with your website.


Job Postings

Build a bigger talent pool
of qualified candidates.

The quality of your candidate pool will always determine the quality of your hires. Jazz makes it easy to post your jobs everywhere qualified candidates are looking, and then makes reviewing the incoming resumes a breeze.

Free Job Board Syndication

Post jobs to dozens of popular, free job boards with a single click.

Premium Job Board Syndication

Purchase job traffic through pay-per-click and pay-per-post job boards.

Mobile-friendly Candidate Screening

Quickly screen new resumes from any location on any device.

Referral Program Management

Launch a referral program and boost employee and external job referrals.


Jazz gets you organized.


Applicant Tracking System

Rank, track and discuss candidates
as one organized team.

Jazz brings candidates to life by organizing everything you’ve collected about them under one very intuitive, unified record. You're no more than two clicks away from any number of important actions.

Recruiting Teams & Roles

Assign people or groups to one or more jobs with varying roles and responsibilities.

Calendar Sync & Scheduling

Sync employee personal calendars so everyone stays up-to-date on all recruiting events.

Email Communication

Store email templates in Jazz and reuse them to quickly communicate with candidates.

Task Management

Manage your personal list of recruiting
tasks and assign tasks to others.

Recruiting Workflow

Track the progression of candidates
through customizable recruiting stages.

Communication Threads

Share feedback and notes with collaborators simply by mentioning their name.


Recruitment Process Optimization

Plan your recruiting process and eliminate the busywork.

When process isn't getting in the way, it can actually help lead the way. Jazz helps you plan how your recruiting effort should function from start to finish. It organizes the interviews, tasks and events into step-by-step recruiting stages so everyone follows the same proven processes and best practices.

Customized Recruiting Workflows

Organize your end-to-end recruiting process into logical stages.

Interview Coordination

Assign interview guides to stages to ensure interviewers are always prepared.

Auto-assigned Tasks

Configure stages to assign new tasks to team members automatically.

Auto-send Emails

Attach automated follow-up emails or rejection letters to recruiting stages.


Jazz makes hiring easier.


Candidate Scorecards

Introducing Role Models: The perfect picture of performance.

Help hiring managers align recruiting teams around a profile of the ideal candidate.

Optimizing your recruiting process is one thing; deciding who to hire is a whole different challenge. Because it's hard to predict future performance through resumes, phone calls and interviews, Jazz gives hiring managers a structured framework to profile the ideal candidate: a Role Model.

When hiring teams know who they’re looking for, they’ll know when they’re done looking. Jazz Role Models help guide the way.


The 10 Performer Dimensions

Performer Dimensions give recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers a framework for evaluating the most valuable skills needed to perform at a job.

Performer Profiles

Role Models prioritize the hard skills, soft skills, personality traits, and experience needed to perform, making it easier for managers to recognize a great hire when they see one.

Role Match Cards

Using the Role Model as a guide, interviewers can share feedback on the performance potential of each candidate, making it easier to compare candidates when it’s time to make a hire.


Interview Management

Conduct better interviews and get better feedback.

Jazz gives you powerful tools to manage the entire interview process.


Calendar Sync & Availability

Sync your employee calendars with the Jazz recruiting calendar to see everyone's availability and find interview times that work.

Interview Guides

Create reusable, mobile-friendly interview templates, complete with preparation notes and important questions for the interview.

Interview Coordination

Stay informed about all upcoming interviews. Schedule an interview and attach an Interview Guide to the calendar invite.


Offer Management

Draft error-free offer letters automatically.

Jazz expedites the offer process so you don’t lose a great hire because of paperwork. Create and store reusable offer letter templates, and then generate prefilled offers with a click.

Offer Templates

Embed tokened form fields in a Word document to generate letters later.

Template Error Checking

Get notified when a field in your offer letter has not been defined.

Offer Drafts

Retrieve previous versions of drafts or declined offers at any time.


Jazz helps you get better.


Recruiting Reports

Stay efficient, organized and compliant through reports.

Recruiting teams can transform how they hire by using data to tweak their recruiting process. Jazz unlocks your recruiting data to expose workflow inefficiencies before they cause problems and processes that are working so you can develop best practices.

Sourcing Reports

Identify where your best candidates are found to focus your efforts.

Pipeline Reports

Identify the stages and activities in your process that create bottlenecks.

Compliance Reports

Fulfill reporting requirements and be prepared to address legal matters.

Custom Reports

Get unprecedented access to your data with 100% customizable reports.


Big Data Talent Analytics

Get big answers to your big questions using big data.

CROWD is Jazz’s groundbreaking big data analytics tool that helps you benchmark and improve how your company recruits. It analyzes billions of data points to deliver actionable insights based on your job and location.

Top Skills of Candidates

Learn the top skills you should expect a qualified candidate to possess.

Top Schools for Candidates

Learn what colleges and universities deliver the most candidates.

Top Sources of Candidates

Learn the top job boards for candidates that ultimately get hired.

Recruiting Efficiency Metrics

Benchmark your time to hire and other metrics with other companies.

Compensation Data

Use BLS data to research average competitive salaries in your area.


Jazz has all you need.


Batch Actions

Perform a variety of actions on many candidates at once, including delete.

Bulk Emails

Send a message to a large filtered list of candidates that's still personalized.

Contacts Manager

Work and communicate with people who do not have access to your account.


Keep sensitive data private by restricting access to people, teams and groups.

Robust 2-way API

Easily push or pull data from Jazz using our well-documented REST API.

Password Expiration

Set a time frame after which users are required to change their password.

Message Templates

Save and reuse special email messages that you send to candidates repeatedly.


Get alerts for new resumes, assigned tasks, completed interviews and more.


Challenge candidates with skills tests or build your own custom evaluations.


Publish your careers website in English, Spanish or Dutch languages.

Custom Privileges

Change the default privilege settings of the different types of user accounts.

Resume Parser

Upload a resume and Jazz parses it into a new candidate profile.

Duplicate Detection

Easily find and merge duplicate candidates in
a few easy steps.

Job Approvals

Submit jobs for review and approval before they can be made public.


Protected class data collected through the job application remains confidential.

Single Sign-On

Authenticate into Jazz using Gmail, Salesforce or using services like OneLogin.


Join the thousands of companies that rely on Jazz every day.