Customer Successes

More companies recruit with Jazz than any other modern recruiting solution.


From startups to enterprise, Jazz serves growing companies.

We helped thousands of employers across the world make more than 100,000 new hires.

High-Growth Tech

As a high-growth tech company, today's hires determine tomorrow's performance. We've been there ourselves, and we've helped thousands of successful fast growing companies in technology and beyond build high-performing teams.

Small Businesses

Small businesses compete with the big guys to attract Performers, without Microsoft’s bank accounts or Google’s perks. We empower them to use their distinct advantages over larger organizations to recruit and hire the best.

Fast-Growing Businesses

Your business is always adapting, and so should your recruiting software. That's why Jazz is completely configurable for companies that want to maintain their competitive advantage through recruiting better talent.

Small Enterprises

Just because you have more steps and structure doesn't mean you don't still need to move quickly. Jazz gives you advanced features for enterprise recruiting, without the headaches of enterprise software.

Large Enterprises

Need to move faster than the rest of your company? No problem. From hiring managers to top secret teams, we help people break away and get moving, and then use the Jazz API to play nicely with other systems.

Presidential Campaigns

It’s definitely a niche "industry," but both the Obama and Romney political campaigns chose Jazz as their recruiting solution. We’re bi-partisan — so that means we always pick the winner!


Customer Spotlight

They play for Kiips...

At Kiip, culture is just as important as talent. Jazz makes it easy for them to find candidates that are perfect matches for both in their five offices around the world.

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No matter your role, Jazz makes things easier.

Efficient and Smooth

We were using spreadsheets and resumes stored on various sites—you made the process much more efficient and streamlined.

Person Name
Judy Lofurno


Intuitive and Easy

Jazz is so easy to learn! Whoever you have doing UX, I want them to work here because it's so intuitive and easy to use!

Person Name
Angie Meier


Cares About My Success

Everyone I’ve worked with, from my account manager to technical support, has proven they really care about my success.

Person Name
Tess Cunningham

Talent Acquisition Manager

Saves 10+ Hours

Jazz is so easy; it’s so much more efficient. It saves at least 10 hours a month for each of our hiring managers.

Person Name
Emily Ahrens

Head of Human Resources

A Blessing

If I had to follow candidates through each of these positions without Jazz, there’s no way I could have done it.

Person Name
Brenda Nirenstein

director of administration

Reaches More Jobseekers

Jazz has given us a simple way to reach tons of job seekers and a quick process to quickly filter through them for the best candidates.

Person Name
Yan Pritzker



Why Jazz?

When companies use Jazz, great things start to happen.


Hiring managers lead the way.

Armed with a Performer Profile to spot ideal candidates, they lean in and drive the process.

Coordinators speed things up.

They stop spinning their wheels because available dates and times reveal themselves.

Candidates become impressed.

From a compelling careers site to your cohesive interview team, they want to work for you.

HR managers feel essential.

They're no longer viewed as overhead as they help accelerate time to performance.


Recruiters feel in control.

They spend less time chasing people down and digging for critical recruiting metrics.

Interviewers share more.

They feel prepared for every interview, and sharing feedback is easy and organized.

Employees make better referrals.

Your Performers Only culture spurs them to recommend more Performers like them.

Performers are made.

Through coaching aligned with performance goals, transformative employees emerge.