TechCrunch Considers Startup Pack

What if it was possible for startups to get a magic bundle of all the web tools needed to be successful? Sound like a dream? Well, for a lucky few this dream is about to come true. Startup Pack, a new non-profit company has developed a package of 12 companies that they saw as essential to grow young businesses. To do this, Startup Pack is giving away 1,000 packs available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each bundle is valued at $10,000 of free web-based tools to enable young companies grow their business. To qualify, companies need to have launched less than two years ago and raised no more than 250k in funding.

Companies that sign up with Startup Pack can redeem The Resumator offer, which is a 12-month free trial. The exclusive offer includes one job posting, five users and the ability to collect up to 100 resumes before they would be required to pay.

Today, TechCrunch ran a story referring to the products offered in the pack as “generous.” For us at The Resumator, it’s nice to be a part of a great service like Startup Pack, giving back to the community we came from and having TechCrunch vet the cause means a lot.

Other great companies like Zen Desk, Box, Mailjet and Mention have signed on to the cause and we are proud to be amongst these great companies.

Don Charlton, our CEO, created The Resumator for the specific purpose of helping small businesses and startups fill jobs necessary to grow their businesses. Being part of the Startup Pack is another way we strive everyday to make that happen.