Select International and the Not-So-Secret Art of Lean Hiring

As the famed English clergyman Joseph Hall once said, “Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl chain of all virtues.” In other words, moderation a truly foundational virtue, and according to our friends over at Select International, this is especially true when it comes to your company’s hiring decisions. As the go-to hiring and recruiting resource for organizations like the United Nations, Nissan and Nestle, it’s safe to say that Select International knows a thing or two about employee selection. And if there’s one thing that the company has learned during its 19 years of business, it’s this: if you want to hire intelligently, you need to hire lean.

According to Select International co-founder Chris Klinvex, overhiring is one of the biggest problems facing modern HR departments. Companies are hungry for talent in this economy, and it’s all too easy for a business to bite off more employees than it can chew. This is costly in more ways than one. Not only can a company waste tens of thousands of dollars hiring new employees that may very well have to be let go within 24 months, but the firings themselves will be devastating to employee morale and productivity.

The Lean Hiring Diet

To keep costs low and job security high, Select International strongly recommends that companies put their hiring process on a diet. Here are a few of the tricks they say you should use to trim the fat.

    • Vet, verify and validate your hires.This first one is just simple common sense: make sure whoever you hire is a perfect fit for the position before extending them an offer. As we like to say, short-term hiring decisions will land you nothing but short-term employees.The easiest way to make good, long-term hires is to take your time with the employee selection process. Vet, verify and validate your candidates in every way possible. Give your candidates competency assessments to confirm that their skills are up to par. Practice behavioral interviewing to check if their personal values are a good fit with your own. Call all of their references and ask for a review of their performance. Put in the work it takes to hire correctly the first time so that you won’t have to repeat the process in a few years
    • Don’t hire on impulse. When your company’s workload increases, your first impulse may be to fire up the hiring process. Before you start posting on job boards, though, see if there's a way to get by with your current staff. Sometimes a problem can be solved by temporarily reallocating your employees to a different department. In other cases, you may be able to tweak your workflow to be more efficient, thereby eliminating the need to add another name to the company payroll.As Select International recommends, you should only hire when you’re sure it’s absolutely necessary. By doing so, you safeguard against being stuck with redundant employees when things inevitably slow down again. A little moderation now can protect you from troublesome layoffs in the future.
    • Keep your hiring process simple and efficient.We just mentioned that thoroughness is important to your company’s hiring process, but thorough doesn’t mean the same thing as slow. When you’re trying to fill a position at your company, it’s paramount that your employee selection process be as frictionless as possible. Otherwise you risk passing over quality candidates or losing them to your faster-acting competitors.The easiest way to simplify your hiring machinery is to go digital by using a web-based hiring platform to store and process all of your incoming applications. These platforms allow managers to sort and review candidates from any computer with Internet access. It's much more efficient than having your hiring managers sort through a stuffed inbox,and it allows you to be much more thorough with your hiring decisions.

If you want to get the most out of your workforce, take Select International’s advice and put your company’s hiring process on a diet. As they’ve proven with several high-profile companies over the years, going lean is an easy way to increase productivity and improve job security for any company’s employees.

To learn more about the virtues of creating a lean hiring culture at your company, sign up for our How2Hire webinar on October 31. Chris Klinvex of Select International will be lecturing on how to improve the hiring culture at your company. Topics include the behavioral DNA of successful candidates, how to create an efficient hiring funnel and more. Attendance is free, audience participation is recommended and costumes are encouraged. You can sign up by visiting our registration page.

Until then, good luck and happy hiring! The Resumator Team