Screening Applicants: Gathering Feedback

Sometimes you just can’t put your finger on something that won’t sit still in your head. Maybe you think a vague idea or can’t remember a word in the middle of a conversation. A reason or excuse won’t explain why you can’t figure it out. Hiring shouldn’t be the same way.

Your screening process only benefits you if it provides the feedback you need to make a hiring decision. If it doesn’t do anything helpful or tangible, then it’s not doing its job. You need information, not feeling.

An applicant my lack a certain something or blow you away, but you can’t really determine why. Business talk and or a vague work history may make good (very arguable) fodder for small talk, but that won’t make choosing the best candidate any easier.

Don’t wait for the interview either. You don’t need to waste that much time and money when plenty of software exists to help your process. Gather tangible feedback from your screeners so that your interviewers and hiring managers can make real decisions

Screening: They’ve Done What?

A resume can list accomplishments as well as anything. Reading dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes will break your soul and stop the process though. Weed out unqualified applicants before burning your eyes out. Set up digital questionnaires  to deliver the goods.

Make custom questions like,

  • What is the last software update this company released?
  • Who is our CEO?
  • What color did we paint the exterior of our building?

Or use standard pre-interviewing ones to gather,

  • Address
  • Age
  • Work status
  • Education

If you know the position demands certain experience in a task, you can ask about it. You learn right off the bat if applicants don’t qualify. Even better, you have tangible  reasons why some applicants won’t work.

They Know What?

You don’t need waste each other’s time and string out interview processes with numerous applicants to see if they walk their talk. Skills Tests will prove applicant abilities in any field you deem necessary.

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