Screening 101: Make the Right Employee Selection for Your Business

The pile of resumes on your desk looks like a miniature Leaning Tower of Pisa, and you’re sweating like you just ran a marathon. Fear not...

What is Applicant Screening?

Applicant screening is the first step you’ll need to take after sourcing and recruiting. Once you’ve pooled your potential employees and you’ve got all their resumes on deck, you’re going to need a way to cull the stack. This act of sifting through candidates to separate the good from the really good is what screening is all about. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask to ask yourself before you start making any hiring decisions.

The Applicant Screening Checklist

  • Does the cover letter “Cater 2 U?” Read the applicant's cover letter carefully. Does it “Cater 2 U” like Beyonce does, or does it strike you as a boring form letter? Does it have personality? When a person puts effort and creativity into a cover letter, it's a signal that you can expect the same when she's on the job.
  • Is this guy a job hopper? Check to see how long the applicant has worked at any given job. You want someone who will stick around and grow with your company, so ruling out job hoppers should be a crucial part of your your employee selection process.
  • What's her Internet persona like? If you didn’t do it during the sourcing stage, now is the time to check out your candidate’s social media presence. You certainly don’t want to go with someone who badmouths his former employers all over Twitter.
  • Do his references check out? A candidate may have an impressive list of references, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those references will check out. Call them, and don’t be shy. Ask for details! You want to make sure your applicant actually is the ultra-driven Ivy League grad he claims to be and not some sort of pathological liar who messed around for three years at a community college. If you don't have permission to call the applicant's references, consider it a red flag.
  • Can she perform? Anyone can make themselves look good on paper – and sadly, even a degree doesn't necessarily guarantee skill these days. We’ve got you covered here, though. The Resumator’s HR software allows you to administer customized “Skillset” tests for just about whatever you want. These tests allow you to quantify candidate proficiencies before you even bring the person in for an interview (let alone make any hiring decisions).

So there you have it. Wipe that sweat from your brow, take a breath, do a little stretch and you’re ready to go. We’re confident this list of questions will make your employee selection process go a lot smoother.

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