On Boarding Process for Rockin' New Hires

After all of the hard work you’ve put into recruiting who you’ve deemed to be the best of the best for your company, the last thing you want to do is hinder them (however unintentionally) from fulfilling all the promise they’ve shown. You need an effective on boarding process. Getting a brilliant person to sign on with you is only half the battle – the other half is allowing and encouraging them to put their talents to work.

Let Fresh Employees Chase Big Dreams

So how do you do that? Well, first of all, you have to show your employees that you’re not afraid to chase big dreams. You didn’t start a company by thinking small, so why start now?

Brilliant and capable people are inspired by leaders who don’t hesitate to wave the battle flag. They’ll be eager to meet a challenge too.  Give guidance when necessary, but don’t be afraid to expect great things from your newest great minds.

Have Fun In The Office

While you’re busy leading the charge towards greatness, don’t forget to keep having fun. A successful start-up must:

  • Work hard
  • Move quickly
  • Balance growth, work and life

All of this requires a large investment of time and energy from its employees. An investment like that creates a solid camaraderie amongst your team, so it’s important to give them the opportunity to blow off steam together. Talent thrives on stimulation as much as achievement, and making a point to keep fun fundamental will ensure the continual flow of ideas and productivity.

  • Take breaks
  • Indulge silliness
  • Play a little music

An On Boarding Process With Room To Grow

Remember, though, that while your presence as leader is vital to your employees, it doesn’t overshadow the importance of stepping back in order to give them room to grow. Ensure that they fully grasp your standards and let them know that you’re available for guidance as needed, then give them the freedom to do their own jobs in their own way.

Let Every Team Member Own What They Do

You hired them because of their unique capability, so let them do what they do best without being micromanaged or hovered over. Growth is a good thing and a natural thing in life as well as business.

Also, if you’re not paying people hourly, resist the temptation to treat them as if they’re being paid hourly. If you’re building a great company that your employees really believe in, they’ll put in whatever time it takes.

If you keep these things in mind while creating an on boarding process, you’ll be allowing them to prove to you why they’re the perfect fit for the job. You already know they’ve got the right stuff, so why not give them every possible opportunity to show it off?