Klout Webinar: Using Data to Track Hiring Success

View the new Klout Webinar, part of our How2Hire Speaker Series. It's called "Using Data to Track Hiring Success" and  features Hootan Altafi, Head of Talent Acquisition at Klout.

Hootan discussed how Klout successfully tripled their team while reducing cost per hire by 85% and dramatically reduced time to hire-- from weeks to days. Klout also improved their offer acceptance rates by 42% -- an impressive statistic in their highly competitive talent marketplace.

Klout began with a very simple idea: Everyone has influence—the ability to drive action. Klout built on this idea to show anyone how he or she can influence the world and its future. Klout was founded in 2008 to empower everyone to unlock their influence.

We come to work every day inspired to help people understand the power of their voices and democratize influence.