How Can You Use Social Media for Sourcing?

You already use social media in your personal life to accomplish lots of important things – like staying in touch with old friends, stalking exes, and making sure that when you go to the gym, everyone and their mother hears about it. Let’s face it –  social media sites are a guilty pleasure. But for intuitive employers, they can be so much more. In fact, sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer powerful resources to companies that would like to build a better workforce. Here are a few ways to use popular social media sites for sourcing:

Sourcing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is geared towards working professionals, which is why it's the premier resource for social media sourcing. At LinkedIn, sourcers can review a potential candidate's work experience, read endorsements from other users and see what employers and colleagues have to say about the person's abilities. Search by job title or skills to browse profiles, or join industry-specific groups to identify experts in a certain field. When you follow competing companies, you’ll even get updates about employee changes, promotions and terminations – and if you have information like that, you can time your recruiting moves to make a bigger impact.

Sourcing on Facebook

As of October, 2012, Facebook boasts one billion active users, and 81% of those users live outside the U.S. and Canada. What does that mean? When it comes to global sourcing, Facebook can’t be beat. If you’re looking to hire remote workers or to staff your Antarctica office, Facebook can help you do it. Search profiles for key terms, interact with groups or build an online fan base for your company and broadcast your job openings using The Resumator’s easy-to-use, integrated social media features. By far one of the most popular social media sites, Facebook is a must-use resource for online sourcing.

Sourcing on Twitter

How many people use Twitter? According to TechCrunch, at least 170 million active users frequent the social media site, and a good portion of those users could be searching for jobs in your company's industry. To search for relevant profiles on Twitter, simply enter keywords like “sales manager” or “computer engineer.” Research hashtags and use them when tweeting your job openings. Create a weekly chat schedule to help you interact with the most engaged and informed users. You’ll soon see the huge impact that 140 little characters can have on your sourcing success.

Every day, new employers tap into the power of social media to give themselves a sourcing edge. They do so because it’s cheap, effective and (gasp!) kind of fun. Plus, interacting on social media sites does more than just help you hire better employees. It also boosts your search engine rankings, your brand awareness and your visibility to investors, clients and customers. Think about it – when something as simple as a status update or tweet can do all that, why wouldn’t you jump on board?

We covered the three most popular sourcing sites in this post, but we’d love to hear from you – what other social media sites do you use to reach your sourcing goals?