Are You Hiring Students (Or Not Hiring)?


If you're hiring students, you may want to consider your pitch. 42% of students claim that "job satisfaction" is their most important consideration in regards to their career decisions. That nice starting salary with an impressive title could impress a new grad here and there, but if you want talented students to stay with your company for a while, then you need to focus on satisfaction. So what can you give to students and new grads to prove that you understand their needs?


You don't need to hand over the keys to the whole operation, but think of something that you can wholly give to this new employee. Maybe it's a process or maybe it's a project. Neither should make or break your organization, but both should place a tangible responsibility in the hands of the student.

You will quickly see how he or she handles responsibility, demonstrates task management, and "hits the ground running." You will also show this new hire that you trust them. And no, you don't imply that by hiring them.


Show the new hire that paths exist for his or her advancement. Are you too small to gaurantee a corporate success plan? Show them how your business will help them refine their talents, gain new skills and ultimately move them along their career path.

People will change jobs. Millenials are quickly developing a reputation for it. People now job-hop as a way of life and that trend is unlikely to reverse. If you can get a few great years out of an incredible talent, you should view that as a successful hire. It's always better to have talent under your roof, rather than the roof of your competitor.

Prove us wrong!

Do you think these methods help when hiring students? Maybe you've had even more success offering students:

  • more money
  • more vacation
  • a shiny new computer

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