Happy New Year from The Resumator

The New Year encourages us to ceremoniously right our wrongs and do better than the past 12 months. Or if you’re perfect, you can become perfecter. However, each New Year inevitably passes with a laundry list of resolutions left by the wayside. Your belt buckle will thank you for working out more and your friends will enjoy your increased optimism, but don’t stop there. Make 2013 the year you find world-class talent.


Because you can.

Because a company’s greatest asset is its people (clichéd but in a sentimentally memorable way).

Because more than 12 million people don’t get to be a company’s greatest asset of last November.

You can give someone something more valuable than a kiss at midnight or a gym membership. You can give them a job, a career, a path. Yes, you have the burden of attracting and keeping great talent. But appreciate your ability to provide opportunity to people.

Hire great talent and your company will perform better. Maybe, they’ll grow even more, requiring more talent and continuing the hiring cycle of growth.

Don’t forget that behind all the resumes and human resourcing, we’re all humans. You have the real, tangible opportunity of helping these humans. The people around us make the year new, not the date. Make the people around you world-class.

Happy New Year!

The R