Great Applicant Tracking Systems Block Spam with CAPTCHA


The market is crowded with applicants, both real and fake. You don't need to handle them all yourself though. Applicant tracking systems will differentiate the two quickly and efficiently, while screening the incoming applications of those who actually exist! We'll explain how to handle the nasty mess of spammy, automated, and flat-out fake applicants?


Don't lose your head. Good Applicant Tracking Systems have tools in place that will automatically ensure the, let's call it "human authenticity," of your applicants. It's called CAPTCHA (which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart). 

"A CAPTCHA is a program that can generate and grade tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot."

- Google


You've probably filled one out if you've ever bought tickets or other goods online.  It adds a tiny amount time to the application process and gives you a huge benefit. It looks like this:

It ensures the applicants you receive are as legitimate and human as possible. Nothing's perfect and the occasional fake application can still make it. However, combining CAPTCHA with skill tests and early screening tools will help you avoid these frustrating time wasters.

How You Get There

Your CAPTCHA option is just a few clicks from your home screen. Simply follow these steps.

Across the top of the home screen, look at your tabs. Find the tab marked, settings.

  • 2. Select Settings

You'll then find your Administrative Settings window. Look for the row of purple tabs that run across the upper portion of your screen.

  • 3. Select the tab labeled, "Jobs" 

You have arrived at your destination! There should be gray box on your screen, filled with "Job Settings" and other options. It looks like this:

At the bottom of the right hand column, you can see bold text that reads: "Prevent Unwanted Spam Applicants." 

  • 4. Check the available box

You're all set!

By selecting that box, you'll require applicants to fulfill a basic CAPTCHA step to ensure they're actually human and not spam bots. They type in some words. You get honest applications.


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