Engineering Update #2143463-ish of Resumator Features


Static - this is control- Static- you are cleared for takeoff - Static That's kind of like launching new Resumator features and tools around here. Our engineers build these incredible machines and launchpads, and we get to ride them into hiring outer space. Too metaphorical?

Basically, our engineers have been hard at work improving The Resumator with better features, new tools and improved capabilities. Sometimes, in the middle of all that activity, we forget to spread the good news. Here's what we've been doing around the back end of The Resumator lately.

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New internal application integrations

These may not visibly appear inside the app or during your average day, but our new integrations will pay enormous dividends down the road. They'll help us understand:

  • exactly what's going on inside the app
  • how to help users in their daily activities
  • what steps our users take most often

That may sound rather trivial, but it means that you'll get better functionality and better tools to help your hiring. It's the silent hero in the hiring battle. The more we understand, the more we can help you.

API Improvements

We'll skip the acronym's explanation and just give you the good stuff. These improvements will make the lives of new customers so much easier. 


We did a load of support work to make moving data from an old system easier than ever. New customers can now import applicant information from an older Applicant Tracking Systems into The Resumator with even less hassle. No lost data, applicants or time.

Changing to The Resumator has never been easier. 

Why keep improving?

So that we continually improve our users' hiring experience. Every step of hiring is important and we want to make sure The Resumator provides an easy solution for all of them. Essentially, we build our software to hear quotes like this:

The Resumator was easy and quick to integrate into our platform.  Documentation was simple and their engineering team was very flexible in helping us get the right set up for our clients.

Dave Long, Developer at Recruitics


Are you excited about our new Resumator features? Let us know if these suggestions work with a comment below or share your feelings on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.


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