Does School Matter? The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Explores Tech Firms


Does school matter when evaluating job applicants? Most employers feel school of some sort is necessary for their businesses, but lets focus of GPAs specifically. Google recently said GPAs are "worthless," and when Google budges, businesses change. Or, could it be that Google brings attention to relatively common practices? In the case of ignoring GPAs and test scores in hiring, this idea seems more appropriate.

That's at least what tech firms in Pittsburgh exemplify in this article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In all of my years working with startups, I have never once seen a young company list an SAT score or GPA among the qualifications for new hires.

Gary Gardiner, Idea Foundry

The article even included the musings of our own founder and CEO, Don Charlton. Don talked about Google's early tendency to accept applicants only with certain schools on their resumes and numbers in their GPAs.  Don offered some insight as to why these practices have since been abandoned.

They were so focused on hiring people coming out of top universities they realized they let a lot of people slip through the cracks.

Don Charlton, CEO and Founder

Also interviewed is the public relations and marketing leader from 4Moms. All those  involved in the article share similar thoughts: valuing the quality job applicants should extend beyond their school marks.  Startups and small businesses have know that for years, but once companies reach a certain size, it becomes harder.

What's more important? Cultural fit.


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