Company Culture Matters, Peacock Your Company

There is no doubt, the employment landscape has changed dramatically. With harsh reminders on the poor state of the economy thrust in our face daily, its no wonder many job seekers are stepping into the workforce with a new mindset. The dream of riches, promised by a conglomerate of massive corporations has lost its luster. Federal bailouts, massive layoffs, and jobs shipped overseas, has pretty much made sure of that.

A big shift to small business

Many industry giants are heading down the path of the dinosaur, but a small yet familiar player is gaining attraction - small and medium-size business.  According to a 2012 Inc. Data study 39% of 2012 college graduates would prefer to work at a SMB, with only 27% wanting to work at a large corporation. SMB’s are also doing the most hiring. 31% of companies with fewer than 100 employees are looking to hire in the next 12 months.

Culture is key

So what is one of the main contributors helping SMB’s attract new talent? You guessed it, company culture is the culprit.

  • Only 3% of college graduates say company size is a priority
  • An impressive 18% say company culture and perks are top priority

More and more SMB’s are aware of this, and are doing all they can to peacock their company. It is important to show jobseekers the benefits of your company’s culture, and successful companies are incorporating this idea into their recruiting process.

We know this to be true, here at The Resumator. So sit back and enjoy a peak into our world. We hope you like our feathers.

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