The Good, The Bad, The Hired... as the HR World Turns

Eastwood Plain

Welcome the Monday scrum in the world of Human Resources. Our little blue pebble keeps on a spinnin’ and sometimes we struggle just to hang on. To help with the information overload, we compiled a list of last week’s coolest HR ideas from around the interwebz. Go ahead and stroke your chin thoughtfully.

  • The rabbit hole only gets deeper with social media and search. Google+ now forces membership. Yep, set up an account hosted by Google and you automatically get a Google+ profile. They plan on more, too.
  • Blogs, profiles and the whole social landscape seem to be killing job boards. OK we admit killing exaggerates the reality a bit, but the trend certainly leads away from them. One theory garnering support suggests really great talent ignores job boards. Recruiters now increasingly focus on the big online picture.Although we’re not totally sold on the idea, it does present an interesting idea: your online presence could soon become open application to every job.
  • These guys listed 10 pretty great reasons why Applicant Tracking Systems really rock. We, ahem, agree.
  • People are learning about this craaaazy world of human resourcing in college, in hotels and on the radio. What will transparency do to an industry gilded by secrecy and stipulation?

Oh and a big thanks to the ladies at Worldgate, LLC for blowing up their blog with us. We love helping out.

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