A Whole New Kind of Paid Vacation

Paid Vacation, And Then Some!

If you're interested in HR, you have to check out this awesome blog post by our friends at FullContact, called Paid Vacation? Not Cool. You Know What's Cool? Paid, PAID, Vacation.

In the post, FullContact Co-Founder and CEO Bart Lorang talks about his radical idea for vacation time. It's not just paid vacation, but paid-for vacation, and up to $7500 worth -- for every employee.

We're huge fans of companies taking big steps to make their office an amazing place to work. $7500 for a paid vacation to anywhere is definitely one of those big steps.

There are just three rules:

  1. You must go on vacation or you don't get the money
  2. You must disconnect
  3. You can't work on vacation

This isn't just a perk, or just a way to attract talent in a crowded market (though it's getting lots of attention). It's a vacation away from work, and from worrying about paying for vacation. It's a move that shows more and more people "get it" - that it pays dividends to take care of your people and put them in position to succeed.

Above all, it's a really interesting experiment. Like Bart said, "Is $7,500 too much? Too little? We don’t know. It’s a giant experiment. We’ll find out."