4 Killer Ways to Beat the Job Sourcing Blues

Job Sourcing – the act of rounding up candidates for possible employment – is the very first step you’ll need to take when trying to fill a vacant position at your company, and getting it right is crucial if you want to hire the perfect employee for your business. Effective sourcing helps you find the most qualified candidates, and it speeds up the recruiting process overall. If you want to make the best hiring decisions possible, you need to be aware your sourcing options. We've been exploring them over the past few weeks here on the blog, and now we'd like to present our four favorite tips. Ready?

  1. Get off the phone.  Back in the days of typewriters, Rolodexes and cell phones the size of bricks, sourcing by phone was a part of life. Those days are gone. Here in the Internet age, a phone call from a recruiter can seem invasive (if not totally off-putting) to potential candidates, so if you’re still sourcing by phone, it’s time to think about the power of a well-written email. With an email, you can set your hook with care and precision. Best of all, no one will subconsciously link you with telemarketers.
  2. Get on the Internet. Social media's reach now extends beyond our personal lives and into our professional lives. Social recruiting is here to stay, so when you’re sourcing potential candidates, taking a look at social media profiles and shared content is a must before you make any hiring decisions. Using LinkedIn as a social media sourcing tool is a safe bet (it’s geared toward professionals), but Facebook and Twitter are great for sourcing too. With these two, you can search key terms and then scope out the profiles that pop up. You can also build your company’s fan base and share your job openings with a wide audience.
  3. Look in unexpected places. While LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all awesome for sourcing, they’re just the tip of the social media sourcing iceberg, so don’t limit yourself just to them. The more creative and resourceful you get with your social media sourcing, the easier it will be to find the sorts of candidates you're looking for. So try using other sites like Pinterest, Reddit, Flickr or even YouTube. These sites are an untapped market when it comes to finding young, inspired talent.
  4. Look in the mirror. There’s actually a great sourcing resource right under your nose, although you might not be aware of it. What are we talking about? Your current employees know other qualified applicants, and you should use that fact to your advantage. Create a list of your top employees and ask those workers to start recruiting from within their own social networks. You can even offer incentives, which will motivate them to bring the best talent to you. If you can make your employees feel as if they have a bit of influence when it comes to hiring decisions, don't be surprised if you see a morale boost around the office too.

Job sourcing is the first step in the employee selection process, and getting off to the right start is vitally important. If you don’t, then the whole process – from your recruiting to your actual hiring decisions – will suffer. So get off to the right start. When you put these tips to work for you, it’ll be pretty hard to be anything less than a sourcing champ.


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