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The #1 Recruiting Software for Growing Companies

Jazz brings your company’s entire recruiting process online
so it’s easier to manage and results in better hires.

  • Post jobs online to free and premium job boards
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and track candidates easily
  • Conduct better interviews to prevent bad hires
  • Get better at hiring using benchmarks and data
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Trusted by thousands of growing companies since 2009


Jazz takes the hassle out of hiring — one step at a time.

1. Get candidates.

Post jobs to your website, popular job boards and social networks.

2. Get organized.

Manage all your jobs, candidates and recruiting tasks in one secure place.

3. Get hiring.

Profile the ideal hire, conduct better interviews and make better offers.

4. Get better.

Use detailed reports, analytics and big data to improve your hiring.


Get Candidates

Fast & Easy
Job Postings

Post unlimited jobs to popular job boards
and quickly screen submitted resumes.

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Get Organized

Powerful Applicant Tracking System

Rank, track and discuss candidates as a team in a secure place that keeps everyone organized and informed.

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Get Hiring

Better Interviews, Decisions & Offers

Help interviewers ask insightful questions to ensure their feedback results in good hiring decisions.

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Get Better

Insightful Reports & Recruiting Analytics

Fine tune your recruiting process using your own data and groundbreaking benchmarking tools.

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We’ve helped 4,000 companies make over 100,000 hires.

Since 2009, Jazz has been trusted by employers in all 50 states, 70 countries and every industry.

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“It’s pretty incredible what Jazz can do.”

William C.


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“Jazz has changed my recruiting life.”

Lorraine S.


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“Perfect for high-volume or strategic hires.”

Judith L.



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Jazz is great recruiting software for companies at any stage of growth.

Best-in-Class Software

Powerful, yet easy to use recruiting and performance tools that your company never outgrows.

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Get enterprise-grade software without the enterprise price or lengthy sales process.

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Fast resolutions to your issues with
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